Load Grunt modules automatically

If you are a fan of grunt like I am, and if you are a web developer, you should take a look, you know what the maintenance of a gruntfile is like.

It isn't hard to develop, you just have to run npm install [my-grunt-package] --save-dev for each package and then make sure you add grunt.loadNpmTasks('[my-grunt-package]'); to your grunt file. This isn't hard but it is repetitive.

Enter load-grunt-tasks

This little grunt gem will automatically load all of our configured grunt dependencies via a single line to your gruntfile. require('load-grunt-tasks')(grunt); This is great! Now, you still have to run npm install [my-grunt-package] --save-dev each time you add a new grunt task to your project, and you still have to add the obligatory grunt configuration to your gruntfile, but now you don't have to worry about adding the grunt.loadNpmTasks('[my-grunt-package]); line to your gruntfile. This grunt task will automatically load all grunt packages you have added to your package.json file.

This module will read the dependencies/devDependencies/peerDependencies in your package.json and load grunt tasks that match the provided patterns.

Hope you enjoy this grunt package as much as I do. Anything to save a few lines of code or time taken to track down this omission from the gruntfile.