Example ReactJS app using TypeScript and Fluxxor

I'll let the repository do the talking... good or bad. Here is the readme from the repository.

Working todo example with ReactJS, FlUxxor, and TypeScript.

wercker status

It also uses hapi as the server compnent and oboe as the XHR library.


Just clone this repository. Then run npm install and bower install.

Build and Run

You should be able to build by running grunt. The default grunt task will compile server and client TypeScript and output to dist/.
It will then browserify and reactify the client *.js files into dist/client/bundle.js. I also copy the src/client/index.html file to
dist/client/index.html. Grunt will then start the hapi server and the connect server for statics and set watches and livereload so
that you can see your changes as they happen. http://localhost:9000.

Editing Environment

I make use of Sublime as well as ArcticTypeScript, and
TypeScript-Sublime-Plugin plugins.

I also heavily use DefinitelyTyped and TSD to handle TypeScript declarations.
The usage of these are already checked into the repo, so you don't have to use them if you aren't fiddling. If you are, I suggest you look into them.